Picking Out Hannah’s Engagement Ring Was ‘Terrifying’

Picking Out Hannah’s Engagement Ring Was ‘Terrifying’

Tyler Cameron may be showing fans a new side of him via his new YouTube channel, but the former Bachelorette contestant isn’t forgetting his roots, name-dropping Hannah Brown in his first video.

“You think you know me? Y’all don’t have clue,” the 27-year-old reality TV personality began in a trailer for his channel shared on Tuesday, August 11. “Y’all are going to see me pushing myself to the limits, traveling the world, experiencing different cultures and striving to achieve some of my craziest goals yet. I’m going to face my fears and yeah, I’m going to fail at times. But one thing’s for damn sure — I’m going to get back up and try again.”

Cameron continued: “Y’all are about to see the importance of giving back to the community, living life in the moment and doing it with the people I love the most. I’m stoked to start this YouTube channel and let y’all into my life even more.”

The model added that his videos will show the “most authentic look” into his life, see him “open up” and “keep it real.”

Cameron concluded the trailer with footage of him in a bubble bath, encouraging fans to subscribe and tune.

“I hope you’re having fun ‘cause I’m loving having you here,” he quipped.

Cameron shared his first video — “Ten Minutes with Tyler Cameron” — on the same day the trailer dropped. In his debut, the general contractor answers questions read by his friend and videographer Jacob Laham, known as Brown Bear via Instagram.

“What’s this? A wild Tyler Cameron in his natural habitat of Jupiter, Florida,” Laham begins as he films Cameron shirtless on a run. “One of the most eligible bachelors in all the land.”

The photographer then begins firing off a series of questions, including “What is the craziest thing that happened on your season of The Bachelorette?”

Cameron replied with a reference to the final four rose ceremony. “When Hannah Brown moved the roses in front of Luke, that was epic,” he said, referring to bad boy Luke Parker’s refusal to leave the show.

Later in the video, Cameron referenced the show again when asked what “the most terrifying thing” he’s ever done.

“Picked out an engagement ring,” he quipped.

Cameron became a fan-favorite on season 15 of The Bachelorette, which aired during the summer of 2019. While Brown, 25, picked Jed Wyatt over Cameron during the finale, the former pageant queen asked him out for a drink during the live After the Final Rose special in August 2019 after Wyatt was caught lying about another woman. He was subsequently spotted leaving her Los Angeles apartment, but nothing more happened as he moved to New York City and was briefly linked to Gigi Hadid.

In March, however, Brown spent several weeks in Jupiter with Cameron and his friends. While there was a lot of speculation about their relationship, they maintained they were just friends. Brown returned to her native Alabama in April.

Scroll through for 11 things we learned about Cameron in his first video:

Picking Out Hannah’s Engagement Ring Was ‘Terrifying’

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