Grammy Winner’s Life in Photos

Grammy Winner’s Life in Photos

Never forgotten. Amy Winehouse wowed listeners with her soulful sound early in her career, leading to international stardom for the English singer. However, her untimely death at age 27 in July 2011 from accidental alcohol poisoning meant her time in the spotlight was cut short.

Since then, musical powerhouses such as Adele and Lady Gaga have paid tribute to the late songstress. “Happy Birthday Amy X,” the “Hello” singer tweeted in September 2016, alongside a photo of the smiling Grammy winner.

The “When We Were Young” vocalist often expressed her adoration for her fellow Brit. “I love Amy. I always have, I always will,” she told Vice’s i-D magazine in October 2015. “Do you know what makes me supersad? That I’m never going to hear her voice again, other than how I’ve heard it.”

Gaga was similarly heartbroken upon learning of Winehouse’s death. “It really affected me quite deeply,” the A Star Is Born actress told Rolling Stone in August 2011. “I’m just really glad that we got to admire her and tell her how much we loved her when she was alive. I hope she knows now in Heaven, where she is, how much we all loved her.”

The Oscar winner noted how inspiring Winehouse was to her early on in her career. “I’m a huge fan,” Gaga said. “She was my only hope when I was up and coming. Nobody knew who I was and I had no fans, no record label, and everybody, when they met me, said I wasn’t pretty enough or that my voice was too low or strange. They had nowhere to put me. And then I saw her in Rolling Stone and I saw her live. I just remember thinking, ‘Well, they found somewhere to put Amy.’”

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Grammy Winner’s Life in Photos

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