Gaetz says Biden admin would be ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’

Gaetz says Biden admin would be ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’

President Biden would be a puppet of the Democratic Party’s noisy progressive flank, GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz said at Monday’s Republican convention kick-off — calling Biden’s White House a “Weekend at Bernies.”

“Settle for Biden — that’s the hashtag promoted by AOC and the socialists,” the Florida lawmaker, 38, said, referring to NY Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“And they will settle because they know it’ll be like Weekend at Bernie’s — and they’ll be pulling the strings,” he continued, riffing on the 1989 black comedy film of the same name and suggesting socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders would be calling the shots.

“But instead of a comedy, it’s a horror movie. They’ll disarm you, empty the prisons, lock you in your home, and invite MS-13 to live next door.  And the defunded police aren’t on their way,” he continued.

The Florida congressman has vaulted from obscurity to one of the Republican party’s most visible young lawmakers since arriving in Washington in 2017.

Gaetz eagerly aligned himself with Trump and has used frequent appearances on Fox News to build his brand despite being one of the newest members of Congress.

The congressman described Trump as a “visionary” and called out Democrats who he said no longer believed in America.

“America is the greatest country that has ever existed. Don’t let any celebrity, athlete or politician tell you otherwise,” he said.

“President Trump sometimes raises his voice — and a ruckus.  He knows that’s what it takes to raise an army of patriots who love America and will protect her,” he continued.

The firebrand Florida Panhandle lawmaker is not afraid to break with the GOP caucus, pushing for the legislation of medical marijuana and lobbying the president to get behind the issue.

In July, Gaetz also upbraided GOP Rep. Liz Cheney for reportedly failing to support the president and called for her ousting as the No. 3 in the House Republican leadership.

He also turned heads in March when he wore a bio-hazard mask on the House floor during a vote on a coronavirus funding bill.

Just days later, he announced he was self-quarantined after coming into contact with someone who had the virus — a bombshell that went off an hour after he shared an Air Force One flight with the president.

In June, Gaetz revealed he had been raising a Cuban-born teenager for the past six years, describing him as his “son.”

Gaetz says Biden admin would be ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’

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