Colbie Caillat: Inside My Healthy Day

Colbie Caillat: Inside My Healthy Day

For Colbie Caillat, there’s more to being healthy than eating right and working out. Sure, those activities are an important part of her everyday routine, but the songstress likes to ensure she’s maintaining her mental health too. And she’s been doing just that by hanging out with good friends, exploring the great outdoors and recording music on a ranch in Tennessee during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’ve been staying really busy during quarantine here in Nashville,” the Gone West frontwoman, 35, exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. “I’ve been living on the Country Rebel Ranch and I’m learning new things every day.”

Among those new hobbies she’s picked up? “I learned how to use a chainsaw to cut firewood from trees that fell in a storm,” says the formerly solo “Bubbly” singer. “I [also] learned how to drive a tractor and plant vegetables in the crops.”

The Grammy-winner likes to venture outside the ranch too. “I’ve been loving taking three-mile walks outside every day in the fresh air,” Caillat says, noting that she’s been doing a lot of kayaking and canoeing at a nearby river with her childhood friend, Breanna Stotts, as well. “It’s so gorgeous!”

Creating new music is another activity that takes up a bit chunk of her day. A newly single Caillat — she called it quits with her fiancé and bandmate, Justin Young, after 10 years together in April — has been working hard in the studio, writing and recording new tunes.

“I’ve gone through a lot of changes this year and writing songs is the perfect therapy for it,” admits the California native. “I’ve missed recording so much.”

Keep scrolling to see what a typical healthy day looks like for Caillat.

Colbie Caillat: Inside My Healthy Day

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