Carol Vorderman’s Manchester United fear exposed: ‘They needed to win!’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Carol Vorderman’s Manchester United fear exposed: ‘They needed to win!’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Carol thrived in her academic years, where her talent for maths was recognised early on and she went to secondary school one year early.

At Ysgol Mair Catholic School, in Rhyl, Wales, which she attended until she was 10, she had a “little sums book” that she would “race through” because she knew she would get them right and “finish first”.

The early-speed training would prove to be handy in later years when she went on to front Countdown and admitted it was similar to “racing against the clock”.

She described her primary school headteacher Fred Jemmett as a “very funny” but “very strict” man.

But Carol also admitted during a 1997 interview with The Independent that he was also known for his bad temper – especially if his football team lost over the weekend. 

She said: “On a Monday morning we had to thank God if Manchester United had won on Saturday.”

Carol later explained that she would pray for their victory on This Is Your Life, in 1997, when she was reunited with some of her old teachers and friends.

Host Michael Aspel recalled one early-incident where she “ran home from school” to show her mother Edwina Jean Davies, known by her middle name, her school report.

It read: “Carol has a masterly hold over mathematical computation, which should prove profitable later on.”

The prophetic prediction came from her teacher Ms Wyn Jones, who recalled giving her pupil ‘lots of extra maths to do” because “she really loved it”.

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She continued: “Carol was always very bright, especially at maths… She was quite lively but full of charm and always had this lovely smile, so I couldn’t be cross with you for long.” 

Her secondary school headteacher Frank Ashworth claimed she was “very good at all sorts of subjects” and one of them was “cookery” – a surprise to the star who claimed she burned things all the time.

He recalled that she won a prize for her chocolate gateau “three years in a row” but truly “excelled” in maths. 

Carol flushed red when her school friend revealed that they used to forge sick notes to get out of PE classes in front of those who had taught her. 

Later, the TV star was taken aback when her favourite teacher Palmer Parry came onstage, a man she credited with having “inspired” her love for maths.

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She appeared overwhelmed as she described him as “pretty wonderful” and “keen to push everyone to do their best”.

Mr Parry clutched Carol’s hand tightly as he gave touching words about his “star pupil”, whom he had often boasted about in the staffroom.

He said: “Her work was tremendous, whenever I had a pile of exercise books to mark, I’d mark hers first… just to find out my own mistakes.

“Then I’d start marking the others. She’s a wonderful girl. We are very proud of her, all of us.”

Mr Parry’s appearance was saved for last as one final surprise for the star and when he finished his short speech, Carol gushed: “Thank you very much.”

Carol Vorderman’s Manchester United fear exposed: ‘They needed to win!’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

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