Brielle Biermann Went Almost 2 Weeks Without Washing Her Hair

Brielle Biermann Went Almost 2 Weeks Without Washing Her Hair

To each their own! Brielle Biermann candidly discussed her quarantine habits — and some of them involve her personal hygiene.

How Stars Are Self-Quarantining Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Biermann, 23, dished on what she’s been up to amid the coronavirus pandemic during a quarantine edition of Us Weekly’s Candlelight Confessions series. One of the topics discussed included the longest she’s gone without showering.

“I shower every single day before I get in bed, for sure, and after the gym. But washing my hair, I did go a week and a half [without doing that],” Biermann told Us while promoting KAB Cosmetics and mother Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s Salty K swimwear collection. “I thought that was going to, like, magically make it grow or something. And I read that it doesn’t.”

That being said, Brielle has — for the most part — chosen to not worry too much about being fashionable. “I actually haven’t put on a pair of jeans or a cute outfit unless I take my Instagram photos. So I’m in the sweatpants and leggings 24/7,” she admitted.

Brielle Biermann
The Zolciak-Biermann Family Through the Years

The influencer has also found ways to keep herself entertained while at home. Brielle revealed that she “never watched TV” before quarantine began, but she has discovered several binge-worthy options.

“I’ve started Queen of the South, Money Heist,” she shared. “I started Grey’s Anatomy — I’m never going to finish that. Breaking Bad. [It’s] all I’ve been doing.”

Brielle continued, “Every day, I go downstairs at 7:00 after I eat dinner and I sit in the movie room and watch TV until like one or two. So that’s where my life’s at. Oh, I [also] started watching [my mom’s show] Don’t Be Tardy from the beginning.”

All of Brielle Biermann’s Favorite Foods

The Georgia native also admitted to consuming “tequila and White Claws” frequently during her home quarantine.

The Biermann family has celebrated some exciting moments while sheltering at home. The bunch celebrated Ariana, 18, graduating from high school via Zoom. Brielle also baked a cake for her mother’s 42nd birthday.

Kim launched her Salty K swimwear line on June 1, which Brielle said she was “excited for” and claimed had “amazing quality.” She also teased the new products being released by KAB Cosmetics — a company founded by Kim, Ariana and Brielle. “It is the best makeup you will ever wear,” she shared with Us. “[I] wear to God. And I’m not just biased.”

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Brielle Biermann Went Almost 2 Weeks Without Washing Her Hair

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